Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper (Demo Re-Manufactured)

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The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrappers feature a powered film carriage unit to maximize film efficiency.

First a photoelectric sensor automatically recognizes the load height. Then the carriage travel will automatically adjust to create an effective wrap cycle. Additionally the turntable offers a soft start/soft stop feature for gentle handling.

Thereupon completion of a job cycle, the turntable resets itself automatically. Therefore this allows for proper orientation of the load for pallet jack or forklift insertion. Even more available features offer increased production and a cost per load savings.

Nevertheless, owning an Eagle 2000B series stretch wrapper just makes work life more efficient.

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper Setup Video

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper Demonstration Video

Canpaco Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper Demonstration


- Semi-automatic or manual operation
- Powered pre-stretch (250%)
- PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
- LCD display with integrated controls
ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor)
- Soft start/stop turntable
Handles pallet load profiles ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’

Additional Information:

Power Supply: 110VAC/60Hz/Single Phase
Turntable Diameter: 59''
Turntable height: 3-1/8''
Turntable Diagonal: 80''
Mast Height: 95''
Max. Load Weight: 5,100 Lbs
Min. Load Height: 22'' 
Max. Load Height: 87''
Machine Dimensions: 96.5i'' x 59'' x 99''
Machine Weight: 1,295 Lbs

Eagle 2000B Stretch Wrapper Operations Manual Download

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