Phoenix PHP 2100 Semi-Automatic Low Profile Stretch Wrapper Pallet Machine

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Our Entry Level High Profile Stretch Wrapper

Our PHP-2100 is excellent for the typical warehouse environment, it provides a consistent, repeatable stretch wrap
machine performance. 
4000 lbs Load Weight Capacity with 15 RPM Stretch Wrapping Speed is the "Best in Class"
for control feature and capabilities.

Constant loading and unloading of heavy pallets on the turntable takes it's toll on this most critical 
element of the machine. Heavy-duty, robust construction and durable components are the choices we 
make when it comes to this part of the machine. 56 x 56 max pallet size (80" load diagonal) table,  
largest pallet wrapper turntable capacity in its class. High Resolution Pulse Count System for table 
rotation provides precise top and bottom wrap counts and aligns the table back to its original start position.

Larger, Heavier, and Faster wrapping than most competitive machines, with 22x– high capacity 
table support casters containing roller bearings with easy access center grease nipple. #50 ansi heavy 
duty roller chain drive with constant tensionner.

Our rugged turntables have been engineered for smooth and long-lasting operation. 
56" x 56" x 80" load size, 5,000 lbs. weight capacity turntable c/w 22 heavy duty 
casters on welded supports. Forklift portable.

With 15 rpm table speed the plp-2150 is the fastest stretch wrapper in his class. 
Up to 40 pallets per hr.
 (based on load configuration and machine options), larger, 
variable speed drives control all motors for maximum flexibility, heavier, and faster 
wrapping than most competitive machines with our 56” x 56” load size and 
5,000 lbs capacity.

Provides all features as standard…. including those not available (or an upcharge) on competitive models.

Complete wrapping flexibility including 3 wrapping cycles, reinforce wrap and cycle pause capability, Keypad Control Panel with Variable Speed Drive.

Multiple wrap patterns to select from:
Including Wrap Up/Down and Wrap Up Only, Cycle pause and Re-Inforce Wrap. Just to give you added flexibility to meet your customer's requirements.

Re-loading the Film roll on any carriage is not an easy task with many machines. 
With our “Easy Thread” access design, we make it simple and safer.

Simply unlatch and open the access door, pull film tail past open access 
door and close the door. It's that simple!

Separate 1-9 top and bottom wrap count provides up to 15% film savings. apply 
only the stretch film required at the top separately from the bottom compared to competitive 
models that applies a common amount to top-bottom regardless of need.

Separate up and down carriage speeds eliminates the time and wasted stretch film 
applied with competitor’s common speed control. (Up to 10% savings).


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